• Online Storage Features

» Get The Whole Cloud

File Manager

The award winning Ajaxplorer Web File Manager is integrated into our online storage service. Here is what you can expect with the file manager -

  • Drag and Drop Uploading
  • Drag and Drop Between Folders Inside The Application
  • Public File Sharing with and without a password
  • Shared Folder Collaboration
  • User Management
  • Permission Management
  • Customized Views
  • Media Streaming
  • File Editing
  • Advanced external application file viewing and editing

» Network Drives

Network Drive

Network drives allow you to access to your online storage account just as you would with a USB Drive or Flash Drive. As a result all applications are able to interact with your online storage account.

  • Support for Native Windows Network Drives (CIFS - SMB - SAMBA)
  • Secure Encrypted VPN Tunnel
  • Very Light Weight VPN Software Client
  • Support for network drives on Mac OSx, Windows, and Linux/Unix Systems
  • Generally Faster and Smoother than "Fake Network drives" using Dav and FTP

» Online Backup

Backup Service

Using your online storage account for backup is not only possible it's far better than dedicated online backup solutions you can find. Rather than be locked into to a single backup application you will have access to hundreds of different programs allowing you to find the one that meets your exact needs.

  • Unlimited Storage For Your Backups
  • Full Speed Connections (We don't limit your throughput)
  • Works with Windows Backup
  • Works with Syncback
  • Rsync Is Fully Supported
  • OK to use with servers and for business use.

» Website Hosting Features

Your website is a part of the cloud and OLScs provides the platform that allows you to host your website directly through your online storage account. We offer all the features you need with great uptime and super fast network connections.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Forwarding
  • Web Based Email
  • POP3 and IMAP Email
  • Unlimited MYSQL with PHPMyadmin.

» Advanced Tools


If you have grown tired of the "dumbed down" cloud services that have sprung up all over the place this section is for you. We have all the advanced tools so that you can use our service for your application.

  • Rsync - Fast and Reliable File Sync and Backup System
  • FTP - Efficient File Transfers Using SSL Encryption or Normal Mode
  • Dav - Stable File Transfers or HTTPS
  • SSH Tunnels - Create Secure VPN Connections To Your Storage Account
  • Add additional users for FTP or Network Drives.
  • Transfer Files Between FTP Servers Using FXP

» Mobile Applications

Mobile Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage services provide support for both Android and iOS and work with hundreds of different applications.

  • Unexplored App - Native access to your online storage from iOS and Android
  • Apps that support FTP - Any App that supports FTP access will work with our systems.
  • Apps that support Dav - Any App that supports DAV access will work with our systems.

» Multi-User Features


We have included something that the others left out. The ability to create additional users.

  • Create Unlimited Additional Network Drives
  • Create Unlimited Additional FTP Accounts
  • Create Unlimited Additional File Manager Users