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it started with a trip to fry's

"One Sunday after noon after add a few servers in Down Town L.A. I stopped at Fry's Electronics in Burbank to take a look around. A 4 X 4 X 4 stack of new 250GB Drives at a great price caught my eye so I picked 3 up, a serverboard, some memory and a CPU and over the next few weeks developed Online Storage Solution." Chris Herzig CEO IIC Internet


Our Story

The use of our web servers for backup and the storage of non website related data started to become a problem. "Users were clogging up the servers with all kinds of stuff" recalls Bill Blake. "We were telling customers that they could not use their web space for backups but we did not have an suggestion as to where they could go to store extra files and backups."

The first version of Online Storage Solution offered 10GB of online storage for $4.95 per month. The average customer used about 900MB. Steve Remembered "It sold much better then we thought it would."

Over the years as the price of storage came down so did the prices and there were massive increases in the amounts of storage. Many other providers entered and left the market including some big names like HP and AOL.

Our commitment to providing value and usability has allowed us to weather the changes in the storage industry. The online storage and backup industry is in an exciting period right now, Online Storage Solution will play an important role in helping consumers and small business move their data to "the cloud".