Unlimited Cloud Storage.

Mankayia allows it's members to store all their files on the cloud without paying monthly fees. Mankayia users quickly upload their files and are able to access them from nearly any device.

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Building On The Open Cloud.

What is the Open Cloud? The Open Cloud is based on software that is community developed and supported. It's free from spy-ware and does not gather information about you or the files your are storing.

This is the same type of software that built the web with the Apache Web Server, PHP, Pearl, and so many other technologies that allow us to do so much.


Free Users can store and share files up to 200MB in size with no limit on how many files can be stored. This allows users to store most documents and many smaller audio files at no cost. All files can be viewed via your web browser or The Pydio Mobile App.

Extend your free unlimited online storage by paying a one time $15 setup fee and enjoy unlimited file size, file sync (like dropbox), and the ability to create a network drive and use webdav to transfer files.